June 2015

  1. Emotional edge

    Steven Stein built a global business that predicts individual and organizational behaviour. His methods have been used to assess millions of people, from reality TV contestants to U.S. Navy Seals.

  2. Vulnerable bodies

    Mythili Rajiva looks beyond the headlines to probe pressing questions of sexual violence against girls and women.

  3. Underwater treasures

    Parks Canada’s chief underwater archeologist Marc-André Bernier dove under the Arctic ice six times to help retrieve a 6-pounder bronze cannon and other artifacts from HMS Erebus.

  4. A remarkable career trajectory

    Alumnus Calin Rovinescu, Air Canada’s president and CEO, says his education at the University of Ottawa helped his career to take flight.

  5. Appointed by Obama

    Engineering alumnus Sethuraman Panchanathan is one of 24 members on the influential U.S. National Science Board, advising President Barack Obama on science and engineering policy.

  6. The devil is in the metadata

    Easy access to personal information is a growing threat to privacy. Michael Geist is a tireless privacy advocate as Canada’s surveillance laws undergo legislative reform.

  7. Diplomacy of knowledge

    Governor General David Johnston says globalization, rapid technological change and breakthroughs in research about the human brain demand new approaches to learning.

  8. Algonquin exchange

    A unique partnership between an Algonquin First Nations school and Faculty of Education teacher candidates enriches the lives of everyone involved.

  9. The lasting legacy of Hans Baer

    A pioneer of internationalization on campus, the late Professor Hans Baer helped open uOttawa to the world.

  10. Pictures of health

    The Ottawa-Shanghai Joint Medical School has helped foster clinical partnerships between hospitals in Shanghai and Ottawa, building upon decades of health cooperation between China and Canada.

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