May 2015

  1. Thinking big

    uOttawa’s most ambitious fundraising campaign ever seeks $400 million to support research, revitalize the campus and empower today’s students to change the world through “scholarship with a social purpose.”

  2. Home base

    Jeopardy! game show host Alex Trebek’s $2 million gift means uOttawa’s 196,000 alumni now have a place on campus to call their own.

  3. Pause for thought

    Thomas L. Friedman says accelerated change in everything from climate to technologies means pluralism and the golden rule of love thy neighbour are key to survival.

  4. Tesla testers

    Anthony Bagnulo, senior test engineer for leading electric car company Tesla Motors, is on a mission to stop cars from burning fossil fuels. And he’s brought other uOttawa grads to join him.

  5. Life after cancer

    Researcher Sophie Lebel’s innovative contributions in psychosocial oncology offer help and hope for people living with the illness’s aftermath.

  6. Art for all

    Why Brendan A. de Montigny and Meredith Snider of up-and-coming art gallery PDA Projects believe Ottawa is on the brink of an artistic renaissance.

  7. Peer help leads to success

    Student mentoring project builds strong links among francophones on Glendon College campus in Toronto.

  8. Convergence in the capital

    Will robots steal our jobs? Can carbon-pricing save our planet? University professors and researchers will lead interdisciplinary talks on these questions and more at the 2015 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

  9. 3D printers on wheels

    Makerspace, the Faculty of Engineering’s smash hit 3D-printing facility, is going mobile and coming to your neighbourhood.

  10. Journey of an electrochemist

    Over 50 years ago Ashok Vijh left India seeking adventure. He used science and smarts to find it.

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