February 2015

  1. Connect Locally, Empower Globally

    Renée Black (MSocSc ʼ09) continues to Defy the Conventional with PeaceGeeks, a non-profit organization that teaches high-tech skills to groups around the world that work for peace and human rights.

  2. Erica Ehm: Digital mom strategist

    Erica Ehm (BA ʼ85) talks about her career, from her days as a pioneering MuchMusic VJ to her current role as digital mom strategist and founder of YummyMummyClub.ca.

  3. The science of marketing

    Alumna Mina Lux was on track to become a biochemical engineer when she changed course to become a digital marketing guru.

  4. Dietary detective

    Cynthia Colapinto (PhD ʼ13 in Population Health) seized upon new statistics to investigate Canadians’ levels of folic acid. Today she checks the evidence behind Health Canada’s dietary guidelines.

  5. Just what the doctor ordered

    uOttawa MD graduate Paul Lem’s rapid DNA testing machine helps heart attack and stroke patients receive targeted treatments.

  6. Rules of engagement

    Elizabeth Rody, newly-elected uOttawa Alumni Association president, makes sure that feathers aren’t ruffled as Chief of Protocol for the Parliament of Canada.

  7. Keeping calm in Dungu

    Murielle Pallares rescues child soldiers and watches out for deadly black mamba snakes in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  8. Business-savvy brothers

    From baristas to business owners: Jamil and Elie Nassif are using their economics degrees to make it big in the modern furniture business.

  9. A choir for all ages

    Alumna and professor Marie-Josée Vignola started a unique choir that brings families together.

  10. Growing a business, one seed at a time

    Alumnus Chuck Rifici is co-founder and former CEO of medical marijuana producer Tweed Inc.

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